Robert Barclay, An Apology for the True Christian Divinity 1678

An Apology for the True Christian Divinity by Robert Barclay first published in 1678
THE FIFTEENTH PROPOSITION Concerning Salutations and Recreations, &c.

§XlII. Sixthly, The last thing to be considered is revenge and war, an evil as opposite and contrary to the Spirit and doctrine of Christ as Light to darkness. For as is manifest by what is said, through contempt of Christ’s law the whole world is filled with various oaths, cursings, blasphemous profanations, and horrid perjuries; so likewise through contempt of the same law the world is filled with violence, oppression, murders, ravishing of women and virgins, spoilings, depredations, burnings, vastations, and all manner of lasciviousness and cruelty; so that it is strange that men made after the Image of God should have so much degenerated that they rather bear the image and nature of roaring lions, tearing tigers, devouring wolves, and raging boars than of rational creatures endued with reason: and is it not yet much more admirable that this horrid monster should find place and be fomented among those men that profess themselves disciples of our peaceable Lord & Master, Jesus Christ, who by excellency is called the Prince of Peace and hath expressly prohibited his children all violence, and on the contrary commanded them that according to his example they should follow patience, charity, forbearance, and other virtues worthy of a Christian.

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